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Merchant Cash Advance

Get quick access to capital using the collateral of the future

What is an MCA?

Funding by Samson is able to offer quick access to working capital through unsecured financing for businesses with a consistent and diversified revenue stream. Our process is quick, simple, and without the hassle of traditional bank loans. We can help companies which may have been considered too risky by traditional lenders to qualify for up to $2 million by offering short term (3 months to 18 months) alternative financing options.


A Business Cash Advance is often referred to as a “Merchant Cash Advance”. A Cash Advance is not a loan. It is a discounted, prepaid purchase of future receivables. Businesses receive cash today for the sales that they will make tomorrow and pay back a small percentage on a daily or weekly basis.


Minimum Qualifications to apply are 500+ Fico, must be a business owner with time in business of at least 1 year, minimum of 10K in monthly revenue.

We make it as simple as possible.

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